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Kitty Swanson's Bridge

Kitty Swanson's Bridge

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2015 Kitty Swanson's Bridge (Current Bridge)


Kitty Swanson's Bridge

The Ericht bridge you might not know about!

A ferry, across the ericht? (Because this land's the place i love....)

Kitty Swansons Bridge over the river Ericht was originally built to replace a ferry crossing. Kitty Swanson ran the ferry in the late 1800’s and this was an important link for the communities in Bendochy parish as many had to cross the  river to get to church and to school.

Kitty herself lived in a cottage near where the bridge stands, and while we’re not quite sure if this photo is actually her, hunting rabbits would be something many locals to the area would have partaken in, and not always legally! 

The present timber and concrete bridge was built in 2015 and replaced an earlier steel girder bridge from the early 20th century. 

The bridge is part of the Blairgowrie core path network, and this walk also takes in the imposing Ashgrove mill buildings, as well as several sections of lades and other mill infrastructure. This area is also home to a number of fruit farms, making this walk the perfect way to experience the industrial and agricultural history of the town.

The route is also cycle friendly, and is suitable for most gravel or mountain bikes. YOu can find more details on local cycle routes on the Cateran Ecomuseum website.

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