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The Berries - Related Industries

The Berries - Related Industries

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The Berry Toon

The Berries - Related Industries

The Berries played a vital part in the local economy and still do. These are just some of the related industries which opened locally.


In 1905 Mr David W. Adamson, an ironmonger who came originally from Kirriemuir, opened a purpose-built jam factory at The Croft (now a car park behind Sainsbury's) and sold Adamson's Jam worldwide.  At one time the jam factory employed 30 workers.

In 2016 his great granddaughter Mrs Dawn Macfarlane (nee Adamson) revived the family tradition of jam making and sells jam under the name D. Adamson, Blairgowrie.



In 1932 B.U.F. Ltd of Martley, Worcestershire, opened a cannery on a site adjacent to Welton Road.  The company already had canneries in Norfolk and Worcestershire.  Due to its reputation for producing the finest soft fruits, Blairgowrie was a natural choice for a cannery.  This factory was requisitioned for military use during the war.  Raspberries were under Government control during the war years and for a couple of years after, to be used for jam production only.


In 1947 Wisbech Canners Produce Ltd, which had operated the Welton Road cannery before the war, opened a canning factory where the Erichtside Works had been in Haugh Road.  They then closed Strathmore Fruit Ltd down.  In addition to fruit, Smedley's canned vegetables, fish, meat products, spaghetti and, of course, the famous sausage rolls.

Smedley's Canned Foods in Blairgowrie had around 150 employees when the factory was in full production.  There was also a Smedley's cannery in Coupar Angus.

A fire in August 1954 destroyed the building but a new larger factory was built to replace it.

The Smedley's cannery closed in 1979.


In 2011 the Blairgowrie Jampionships, an annual competition to find the world's best jam maker, was launched.  Behind the competition is the Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Tourist Association (BEPTA)'s Love to Eat - Food Heritage Project.

See here for more info on the Berry Toon.

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